TOP 3 best exercises for stretching the muscles of the back

best exercises for stretching

The importance of stretching

If you do not go in for sports and think that this is not for you, then I assure you this is not so. I present to you in the proof the list of the reasons why stretching (stretching) of a back is necessary for all people.

  • Currently, most of us have a sedentary job and a sedentary lifestyle

In this case, the muscles of the back and neck are subjected to constant static tension. If you do not relax them with massage or stretching, then you can become an unhappy owner of osteochondrosis and other unpleasant diseases.

  • When the muscles perform physical work, especially in strength training, they accumulate the products of metabolic reactions that need to be withdrawn with blood flow

After training in the musculature, there remain residual stresses that impede the circulation of blood. To fix this, you need to stretch the muscles.

  • Stretching improves flexibility

Even the typical flexibility for most people – to bend over a rag or step over a large puddle – worsens over the years. To nullify or even slow down these processes is possible with the help of stretching. I’m not talking about the situation when you want to improve your flexibility beyond the norm.

Good flexibility is not only useful in everyday life, but will also increase the impact of training with iron!

  • Stretching not only relaxes the muscles, but also strengthens, making them more mobile and durable

You see how important stretch for everyone without exception!


exercises for stretching the back


What muscles need stretching?

On the back is a huge number of muscles, from the superficial ones, which we have in sight to the deep, supporting the spine. These include:

  1. The Widest
  2. Trapezoidal
  3. Back Rectifiers
  4. Large and small round muscles
  5. Awning
  6. The iliac-rib
  7. The longest

And this list can be continued.

The shoulder belt is also involved in exercises for back training, and in stretching movements. Basically, this applies to the rear deltas.

And do not forget about the buttocks on which we sit all day. They, too, have a hard time. By the way, it’s no surprise that I’m talking about the buttocks in the article about the back. After all, they actively help the back rectifiers and some other muscles, extending the upper part of the trunk.

Exercises for stretching the back

There are 4 types of stretching exercises: static, dynamic, proprioceptive and ballistic. We will only consider the static type, as the safest. Its essence lies in the adoption of a posture in which the muscles of the back will be stretched and the static retention of this posture within 10-20 seconds.

The following points guarantee your safety:

  • Warm up is the key to success

What do you think will happen to the rubber, if you put it in the refrigerator first, and then start stretching it? Correctly, it will be torn. So with the muscles, if they do not warm up, you can be injured.

This situation is relevant for stretching before training. And after class, you are already warmed up. The advice is simple, start stretching with a warm-up.

  • When stretching the muscles you need to focus on your own feelings. You should not feel pain, but only feel a slight stretching of the muscles
  • Do not get out of the pose dramatically. For example, if you make static slopes sitting at your feet, then unbend slowly under control so that the stretched muscles do not experience excessive stress
  • Do not stretch in between sets and exercises. Although this is permissible during warm-ups. But between working sets it is forbidden

Well, now I will tell you about the most simple and effective methods!

Tilting to the feet sitting

Exercise does not require absolutely any additional equipment and can be easily performed at home. It is remarkable that it stretches practically all the muscles of the back, both its lower part and the upper part. And also affects the buttocks and legs. We can say that it is universal.

Exercise can be done after training or in the morning exercises. Giving him only 1-2 minutes.

The technique is as follows:

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward, parallel to each other, pull your toes to yourself. Then exhale gently, draw in the belly and start slowly tilting the top of the body to the feet. The lumbar and thoracic spine should flex, the pelvis is stationary.

Hands should slide along the legs, in front of the body. When you are already at the bottom point, slightly tilt the pelvis in the direction of the deflection.

Try to reach out to the toes, this is a sign of good muscle elasticity. If it does not work, it does not matter, flexibility will come with time. Linger in this position for 10-20 seconds, breathe at the same time calmly. Do a few such approaches and you are free.

Stretching on fitball

Stretching with the ball – probably one of the simplest methods of stretching. All you need is to lie on your stomach and relax. But it’s better to follow some rules after all.

For example, rely on the hands and feet to have a more stable position and do not pull the scapula to the ears.


stretching on fitball


It is important to feel how the muscles stretching along the spine, as well as the muscles of the cortex (the press, buttocks and back rectifiers) are stretched.

Stretching in Japanese

The Japanese, too, did not hesitate and came up with their own unique method of stretching. According to the creator, the doctor Fukutsuji, practicing this Japanese know-how, you can achieve a significant improvement in posture.

Currently, many people have a wrong posture – excessive flexion of the lumbar region (lordosis), arching of the thoracic part (kyphosis) and deviation from the norm of the cervical region. Of course, any stretching method contributes to the improvement of the spine. But this method has an end in itself, the correction of posture.

Technique of execution:

You will need a towel or a roller, for starters, with a fist in diameter. And it is better to choose a diameter according to the sensations – there should be no strong discomfort. Increase the diameter of the roller gradually. Lay down on your back and put the roller under your waist, at the level of the navel. Legs pull down, but with the feet you need to do the following chip: heel dilute by 15-20 centimeters, and remove the toe to the touch.

Hands stretch upward, and place the hands so that the palms rest on the floor and the little fingers of both hands touch. Immediately say the situation is horrible what awkward. But that’s all the salt. According to the author’s statement, it is inconvenient only because the posture of most people has lost that pristine appearance that would allow performing this exercise without discomfort.

In such an uncomfortable position, you need to stay at least 3 minutes. After completion, do not get up immediately. First, take a comfortable reclining position, lie down for a minute, then turn to your right side and then just rise.


stretching the muscles of the back


Most likely, you will not be able to take the right posture from the first lesson, especially with regard to the position of the hands. But you still have a lot of time ahead to fix it. But, remember that you do not need to exercise more than once every 2 days. To people with protrusions and hernias of intervertebral disks this method is contraindicated!

Let’s sum up the results

I hope now you are convinced of the importance of stretching. I, on my part, tried to give the most simple, but effective exercises. Their regular execution is the best preventive measure for the health of the back!

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