Morning exercises: useful exercises for men

Morning exercises

A slender and fit man causes envy among friends, respect from colleagues and superiors, and sympathy from the opposite sex. In order to have muscle tone, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with long workouts outside the home. It is enough to get dumbbells and find 10-15 minutes a day to improve your health. In other words, charging for men is the best way to keep yourself in shape.

What gives a man a charge in the morning?

If charging is done correctly, then it allows a man to:

  • strengthen the muscular system;
  • maintain posture and ensure the correct position of the vertebrae;
  • reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and hernia;
  • improve mood and performance due to hormonal changes after charging;
  • make a beautiful physique;
  • normalize blood flow, reducing the risk of venous diseases;
  • reduce weight or prevent it from gaining weight.

It is better to perform exercises in the morning, to make the joints and muscle tissue elastic and adjust the entire body to work properly. After it is useful to take a contrast shower, if there are no contraindications from the work of the heart. This will enhance the effect on the body and internal organ systems.


morning stretching exercises


Rules for effective male charging

In order not to harm your own health, you need to follow simple rules. Prepare for the exercises better in the evening, defining the complex, place and time. Features of physical activity for all men:

  • Before doing exercises with dumbbells, you need a warm-up or stretching. Otherwise, you can break or pull the ligaments.
  • The choice of weight weights depends on the goal. For losing weight you need a little weight, for the development and relief of muscles – you should deal with heavy dumbbells.
  • Exercise for muscle groups should be alternated so that they do not “clog”.
  • After each exercise, perform stretching, and in the end to complete all breathing exercises. This will saturate the body with oxygen, ensure the breakdown of fats and improve metabolic processes.
  • The weight of the dumbbells should differ depending on what the exercise is aimed at.
  • The pace should not be too high so as not to overload the heart and not create uncomfortable conditions.

The choice of a complex and level of loading should be carried out taking into account age. For men over 40, the number of repetitions in the exercise can be reduced by 10% if they have not previously played sports.

Exercises for men’s morning gymnastics

Any member of the stronger sex wants to have beautiful biceps, cubes on the stomach, broad shoulders and strong legs. Therefore, a set of exercises that includes exercises for men should be balanced. It is possible to alternate the load on different muscle groups by day of the week, so that the result is more noticeable. As a basic set you can take the following set of exercises:

  • Make 3 sets of 20 deep squats on the heels.
  • Perform dilutions with dumbbells 5 kg – 30 times. Elbows should be at chest level.
  • Because of the head, holding the other hand with one hand, perform its extensions with dumbbells – 20-30 times.
  • Putting your hands on a chair or bed, go down as low as possible, bending elbow joints – 20-30 times.
  • French bench press – 20 times.
  • Deadlift with dumbbells, in which you need to lower slowly and ensure that the back was straight – 20 times.
  • Push-ups from the floor – 30 times.
  • Lunges with dumbbells in the hands alternately with each leg – 30 times. It is necessary to ensure that the foot is looking forward, and the leg is bent strictly at right angles.
  • Twisting with bent knees, at home for convenience you can hook your feet on the sofa or bed – 40 times.
  • Extension of the arms towards you for the development of biceps muscle groups, it is desirable to take 5 kg of dumbbells.
  • Exercise “plank”, in the process of which different groups of muscles work. It is advisable to bring it up to 1 minute. The body parallel to the floor is held on the bent elbows and toes of the feet.

After charging is finished, bring your breath back to normal and go to the shower.


morning warm up exercises


The number of repetitions must be chosen according to the state of the body. If shortness of breath or a sharp pain in the area of the heart occurs, morning exercise should be completed. Otherwise, instead of classes will have to go to the hospital.

Additional exercises

For those who want to lose weight at home with the help of charging, aerobic exercises are suitable. It is necessary to do them with a pulse of 110–120. In this case, burning fat. To develop such an indicator, you can jump on a rope for 3-5 minutes. Then proceed to the implementation of the following complex:

  • step and raise your knees at a fast pace;
  • twisting the body standing in different directions;
  • vigorous side bends;
  • twisting on a health disc;
  • tilting, trying to touch the floor, without bending the legs (to produce up to the maximum possible level).

The number of repetitions should be gradually increased. You can start with 20 times. When the adaptation of the organism passes, it is allowed to do 50–60 repetitions in 2-3 approaches.

When jumping, you need to remember that the neighbors can still sleep. Therefore, you should choose a place to hold them.

It is necessary to take into account that morning exercises are not a full-fledged workout, therefore after it there must be strength for daytime activities. With this in mind, the number of exercises, approaches and repetitions should be determined.

How to warm up before charging?

You need to start kneading the body from top to bottom. At first it is worth twisting slowly with your head around your neck. If discomfort is observed, it is better to stop the execution, replacing the rotation with clear tilts to the sides.


morning exercises


In order for the joints to stand correctly in the process of performing the selected complex, it is necessary to perform circular movements in the following order:

  • hands (towards oneself and from oneself);
  • elbows (forward and backward);
  • shoulders (forward and backward);
  • ankle (to yourself and from yourself);
  • knees (around the imaginary axis and in the opposite direction).

Having finished with a warm-up, you can do exercises for heated muscles.

Charging in the morning for all useful. Men, it gives extra confidence. It will not go unnoticed by others.