Losing weight by running in the morning, how to start running

Running in the morning

A lot of books and articles are written about the benefit of running. But regarding the time of day, which is better to devote to this method of recovery, there is no consensus. Reasonable argument sounds about the fact that it is preferable to run in the evening or in the afternoon.Why do most coaches and athletes insist that running is more useful? What gives running in the morning?

The choice of time for exercising and running depends primarily on your working conditions and daily routine. If you need to come to work, for example, at 6.00, you need to go to jogging at 4.00. Is this real? Only the unique personalities will be able to mock at themselves. But for standard working conditions, in which you must arrive at the workplace at 8.30-9.00, the rise at 6.00 for a morning run is not a problem.

The results of running in the morning are a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day and an increase in self-esteem. Is it worth doubting that starting the day in this way, you will feel like a winner and spend the day much more efficiently? In addition to psychological moments, there are also physiological ones.

Running in the morning for losing weight

Jogging in the morning for weight loss should last for an hour. Why?


The process of splitting of fat cells begins after 30 minutes of running. To sustain this distance can not everyone, even a trained athlete should keep a moderate pace, so as not to exhaust the body.


But there are ways to speed up the process of burning fat cells.

  • Excellent results are achieved by running on an uneven surface. Choose a terrain with easy climbs and descents or stairs. Going up, you give a load to your heart, trigger the acceleration of metabolic processes and the burning of fatty deposits. On the descent you, without stopping, reduce the intensity of the load and allow the heart to rest without overloading it.
  • Trainers recommend another way of running for those who want to quickly lose weight, but do not have an hour’s time to start the process of fat burning. This method is based on interval running. You simply alternate the intensity of the load. Start running from the walk and for a few minutes, go to the average pace. Approximately at 15 minutes, start the acceleration and sustain at the maximum rate of 2 minutes. After that, gradually reduce the tempo and continue running for 10 minutes at an average pace. During the run it is desirable to make 2-3 accelerations.
  • Split the distance into stretches and alternate maximum effort with respite also works great for fat burning. How it works? If you run at the stadium and have the opportunity to count the number of meters, do it. For example, 50 meters you go at a rapid pace, 50 meters accelerates to the maximum, 50 meters go jogging. Then repeat the cycle.




As you have already managed to understand, the best way to get rid of fat deposits by running is to alternate loads of different intensity. Any of the methods described above does not allow the body to adapt to monotonous loads and helps to destroy calories.

But remember, the stresses on the heart will be significant. Before taking morning jogs, visit a doctor, take a survey and develop with it the intensity.

How to start running in the morning?

Begins running in the mornings for beginners with a firm decision. Prepare psychologically, choose the right clothes and shoes, plan the morning to trifles. You should not be late for work, because in the evening, prepare clothes and ingredients for breakfast. After jogging, you must take a shower, calmly have breakfast, get dressed and go to work. Delay or fuss during the meetings will cool your ardor and destroy the positive attitude.


If you are a beginner, start running with warm-up and walking, gradually moving to running. Do not rush to immediately increase the load, it can lead to injury.


Choose the right place for running. Asphalt coating – the worst option for running, because too much stress on the spine and joints. Choose parks, stadiums with a soft covering of racetracks. If running on asphalt is the only available option, buy special running shoes. They will reduce the burden on the spine and help to avoid injuries.

One of the most important mistakes of inexperienced runners is the wrong step and position of the body. Select at least a few days to train with the coach and learn how to run correctly. The trainer will teach you to practice effectively, monitor your pulse and recognize the body’s signals. Some painful sensations simply need to be overcome, some signal that it is necessary to reduce the intensity of training.

  • Do not chase, starting to run, for marathon distances and super speeds.
  • The first week is the search for the optimal regime for training. Try jogging, changing the intensity, obstacles, stairs or climbing under the hill. your body will tell you which way suits you best.
  • You can not run with a full stomach. Drink a glass of water before the training, sweet tea. You can eat an apple.
  • Watch your breathing carefully. Rhythmic breaths and exhalations help to run more and will make training more effective.

The first days after the start of the morning runs will be the most difficult. You will have a million reasons today to skip training and move it to tomorrow. Look for any argument, but get up and start running. The desire to quit or postpone the race is inherent in every newcomer. It will disappear only after you are drawn in and see the results of your efforts. After a while you will feel that you feel bad if you do not have time to run in the morning.


jogging in the morning


Is it useful to run in the morning?

What is useful in the morning?


After complete relaxation of the body during sleep, running is the best way to start the work of muscles and activate metabolic processes.


This is the main benefit of running in the morning.

Morning is a great time for those who are insecure and shy with the sneers of passers-by. Agree, for people with excess weight, this is essential. In the morning in a big city on the streets there is little car transport, the air is clean and saturated with oxygen. You train not only muscles and stamina, you take away extra pounds. You put the respiratory system in order. Do you think this is best done by inhaling exhaust fumes or fresh morning air? Especially useful are the morning jogs in winter. Frosty air is considered curative.

The benefit of a morning run is also in the psychological moment. You start the day with a little victory over yourself, over your laziness. With such a start all day will be successful. Problems that are able to knock out of balance with a slow, coffee and cigarette spillage process, after a morning run and a refreshing shower will be irrelevant and resolved immediately. It will be easier for you to give up harmful and too high-calorie foods. Doctors found a direct link to sports in the morning and a good, healthy sleep.

To make the morning run more effective will help additional exercises. The system of push-ups from the floor, exercises for the press, sit-ups are perfectly combined with running.

Can I run in the morning?

Talk about the harm of morning runs is rarely spoken. But many of this information is alarming. It’s not about harm to health, but in the absence of information, sometimes, in elementary laziness. Against the morning runs are only those who are not able to get up early. People call them “owls”. It is clear, if you go to bed at 2-3 o’clock in the morning, lifting for a run at 6-7 am is not good, it will not bring you pleasure.

Is it harmful to run in the mornings? People with high blood pressure and heart disease do not recommend running in the morning. Too much or severe stress after a state of calm in which the body stays at night can damage. Such novice athletes should get used a little, running in the evening or in the afternoon, and after the doctor’s permission to go to the morning jogs.


Those who do not have health problems have not received a doctor’s prohibition for morning jogging and those who live in a natural rhythm (sleep at night) are better off running in the morning.


Running in the morning or in the evening?

One of the most powerful arguments on the topic of “jogging in the morning or in the evening” problems with falling asleep. You should run no later than 2.5 hours before the moment when you plan to go to bed. After stress, which is a powerful physical load, the body needs time to relax. It is very difficult to find time between work and sleep for family people. There are home worries, communication with children, meetings with friends.


run in the morning


If you can not run at all in the morning, it’s only evening. But at least on the weekend try to make morning jogs. They are more useful and effective.

How much to run in the morning?

For beginners, coaches are advised to start at 25 minutes. The transition to hourly training depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the state of health and the degree of fitness. The running time depends on how much time you need to spend on the fees and on the road to work. If you can afford to run an hour and a half – on health. Have at your disposal half an hour – also good, but use this time more efficiently, applying the technique of alternating the intensity of the loads.

Do not forget about the sense of proportion. Load yourself in the morning until exhaustion and spend the whole day in the state of the driven horse – an obvious bust. The next day you just do not get out of bed for the morning run. Remember, running should be fun. Only then will he benefit.