Classes in the gym without a coach

Classes in the gym without a coach

The decision is made – there are simulators and sports! For example, it will be an independent “swimming”, that is, without an instructor. But here’s the dilemma: how to practice in the gym without a coach?

A lot of understandable and not very constructs can stupor a girl who sees them for the first time. And to understand their work, learn how to do the exercises without mistakes, sometimes it is very difficult. But not everything is so terrible. You can always refer to the on-duty instructor of the hall, which will prompt the principle of the device and the work of the simulator. The duty coach is obligated for the safety to tell the newcomer about the features of the simulators, having shown the main exercises on them. But he does not have to make a program of classes and should not monitor the progress of further training.

Personal trainer: what are his advantages and disadvantages?

This person is just fulfilling the task of drawing up an individual training plan, suitable for a particular girl, and also tracks the accuracy of the performance of the technique and the effectiveness of the exercises.

To advantages of employment with the personal trainer such moments concern such moments:

  1. Safety, that is, the instructor will ensure that the athlete does not get injured while performing the exercises.
  2. Setting the right technique when exercising on the simulators and without them is the main plus, because it’s difficult to track down small moments yourself – even back, stretched knees, relaxed neck – at the first training it can be difficult.
  3. Ensuring the regularity of visits due to the realization that the lessons with the coach have already been paid in advance.
  4. Control over the strict implementation of the program with the greatest possible impact.

With all the advantages of a personal trainer, it is worth noting and possible shortcomings:

  • the cost of training under the guidance of an instructor is not always affordable for a woman who aspires to have a good figure;
  • the opportunity to get to a non-professional or a person who is just starting his coaching career, in this case all the advantages and dignities will be crossed out by a fat line.


training without a coach


Pros and cons of self-study

Statistics argue that more than half of people who come to practice in gyms prefer to do without coaches. Independent training will be appropriate in the case when you need to bring yourself to tone and slightly tighten the figure. If the goal is to gain muscle mass, then without the help of a coach it will be difficult to manage.

The positive aspects of training without a coach are:

  1. Abundance of opportunities for communication and increasing the level of their communication skills, this includes the search for information on the Internet, communication at forums and simply in the hall with other athletes.
  2. Savings of monetary resources due to lack of payment to the coach.
  3. The ability to change the training time, because you do not need to adhere to a clear schedule coach.

All the negative aspects of the exercise in the gym without an instructor flow smoothly from all the merits of the latter. The trainer with an experienced look will notice inaccuracies in the performance of exercises, skillfully correct the correct position of the body and make necessary muscles work. Without it, it is more difficult to adhere to the regularity of classes, which is half the success of all training. All responsibility for their own safety rests on the shoulders of the girl who came to the hall.

How to practice in the gym without a coach

In order to lose weight without a coach and receive a full load from the exercises, there are a number of recommendations that should be followed strictly.

Warm up

All athletes, not just beginners, are supposed to start training with a warm-up. Exercises to warm up the muscles can prepare them for the upcoming load and reduce the likelihood of injury. Muscles, after a warm-up, are more flexible, they respond better to movements in exercises.

One of the warm-up options is cardio-loading. It takes about 5 minutes to work on one of the simulators: a treadmill, a bicycle or a stepper.

Flap and rotational movements

These exercises prepare all the joints of the body. To begin it is supposed from above, that is from a head, and to fall downwards to the very feet.

The head should be tilted and turned in different directions. Rotate it is not recommended because of the high risk of injury. After this, you need to pull up and down the shoulders and perform the swings with your hands, and you need to wave and rotate in the shoulder joints, then in the elbows. Next you need to rotate the body and the pelvis. Finish with knee and ankle joints.

Exercises on the simulators

Before you begin to engage in self-training on simulators, it is recommended to watch a video that shows the correct technique and placed emphasis on the correct position of the body.

When choosing the weight of goods on simulators, you need to set it up so that you have enough strength for two dozen repetitions. For beginners it is better to leave inventory aside. It belongs to sources of increased danger, so it is better not to take it until there is sufficient confidence in oneself.


in the gym without a coach


The sequence of muscle training is defined as follows: first the hips are loaded, followed by the back and chest, followed by the shoulders and hands, and finish with the press. Following this list you need to choose the simulators from among those that are presented in the hall.

Final exercise

In order to avoid discomfort the next day, due to the abundance of lactic acid in the muscles, you need to return to cardio equipment. Easy jogging or a trip at a calm pace on the stationary bike for 5 minutes will speed up the recovery process in the muscle tissues.


When determining for yourself how to do it better with or without a coach, it is worth to objectively consider all the pros and cons. As a recommendation, you can listen to the advice of professionals that you need to spend at least a few sessions with the coach. During this time, the muscles will get stronger and remember the correct movement, and after that you can safely go into the hall without an escort.